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How It Works

Learn How To Get Invoices Paid in 24 Hours!

Improving your business cashflow is as simple as 1 2 3

  • 1. Invoice your clients for the sale of goods or services and send a copy to Key Factors.
  • 2. Key Factors will then credit your account with up to 80% of the invoice value in as quick as 24 hours
  • 3. The remaining 20% is provided once your client pays us less any accrued fees.

Benefits Of Invoice Factoring

debtor finance

Additional cash flow for growing businesses

debtor finance

Meet operating expenses

debtor finance

Bridge the gap of slow payments

debtor finance

Get on top of ATO obligations

debtor finance

Working capital for start up companies

debtor finance

Pay wages on time

Fast & Flexible Invoice Factoring

No lock-in or long-term contracts

No minimum factoring volume

No ongoing admin fees or annual charges

No quarterly audits

No property security

Fast 48 hour approval

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Key Factors is a invoice factoring and debtor finance company which helps SMEs from a wide range of industries improve their cash flow by converting their invoices into immediate cash. Key Factors is one of the largest independently owned invoice factoring companies in Australia and have been in business for over 27 years, specializing in cashflow finance and debtor factoring services.

We only charge a flat daily rate on what you use. There are no ongoing monthly admin fees or annual charges associated with Key Factors’ invoice factoring service.

No, Key Factors’ flexible invoice factoring facility does not require you to submit all your invoices for funding.  You can factor as much or as little as you like and only pay for what you’ve used.

Invoices relating to business-to-business transactions can be considered, not consumer receivables.

Invoices which are still within normal trading terms not bad and doubtful debts.

Invoices for goods delivered and work fully completed, not progress claims.

Invoices are processed on the same day and funds are credited to your account in as quick as 24 hours.

Companies benefiting from Key Factors flexible invoice factoring facility generally have a high level of customers on accounts for the provision of goods or services, and have an annual sales turnover ranging from $500,000 to $30 Million.

A response is provided with 24 to 48 hours of receiving your application.

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What our Clients Says

  • Running a cleaning business and being very hands on, I don’t keep normal business hours. But with Key Factors I find I can always get a quick reply and they seem to always be there.

    • No call centres
    • No voice mail
    • No need to constantly explain myself to a new employee or account manager

    I always get an answer from those that answer the phones.


    - Director, Commercial Cleaning Company, NSW
  • We used Key Factors when our bankers didn’t want to know us in October 2011, as we operate in an industry that was going to be affected by the introduction of the carbon tax.

    Traditional lenders were unable to deal with the uncertainty and risks.

    Key Factors understood the risk and assisted us with our cash flow for 5 months, which was great.

    We are still keeping the facility in place just in case knowing that it’s costing us nothing to do so.


    - Financial Controller, Solar Manufacturing Company, WA
  • We run a charter business and our business is very seasonal.

    Key Factors smooths out the bumps in cash flow without the need of property security or minimum annual fees paid monthly.


    - Owner, Charter Flights Company, NT
  • Having Key Factors operating in the centre of Perth WA allows us to forward invoices any time before 2pm, knowing that they will be processed that day.


    - Company Accountant, Recruitment Company, QLD