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  • How to get instant cash flow for your business

    Consistent cash flow is vital for any business. Slow payments and rapid growth can at times affect cash flow and in turn the overall running of your business. Did you know you get instant cash flow by using invoice factoring to convert your invoices into cash? In this article, we will explore how invoice factoring works along with other tips to improve your business cash flow.
    How does invoice factoring work?
    With Key Factors invoice
  • How To Forecast Future Cash Flows With Factor Financing

    One of the most challenging parts of running your own business is the unpredictability. Unlike being an employee with a fixed salary, there are many moving parts that can affect your cash flow. Late-paying clients, unexpected expenses, ebbs and flow in customer demand — all of these things can make paying your bills, employees and contractors on time a constant struggle. When there’s so much uncertainty around your incoming payments from
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    Factoring can help your business grow

    Have you considered factoring to improve your business cash flow? It might be a faster and easier option than obtaining a business loan through your bank.
    Here is how factoring works:

    You invoice your customers for goods or services.
    You send a copy of your invoice to a factor (like Key Factors).
    The factor then gives you up to 80% of the value of the invoice.
    The remaining 20% of the invoice is credited to you as soon as the
  • Take The Simple Path To Business Finance…

    At Key Factors, we’re happy to share all the facts behind our business from the very start. With no hidden fees, annual payments or minimum volume, unlike many other factoring companies, we have nothing to hide!

    It’s as simple as that!

    We allow you to focus on what you do best, which is growing your business – you can trust us to handle the rest. That's business finance in it's simplest form.

    Take the simple bath to business
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    Invoice Discounting is on a steady incline

    Many industries are turning to Invoice Discounting to build their business – we’ve summarised the Debtor & Invoice Finance Association (DIFA) Industry Data, June 2015 Quarter, so you’ve got everything you need in a quick and easy-to-understand format!

    On the up

    Recent findings from the DIFA show that the June 2015 quarter was $15.8 billion – an increase of 6.4% on the June 2014 quarter.

    According to State

    NSW & ACT were
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    Australian businesses using Invoice Discounting continues to rise

    The latest statistics for invoice discounting and factoring  in the March 2015 quarter released by the Debtor & Invoice Finance Association (DIFA) was $15.3 billion, an increase of 1.9% in comparison to the March 2014 quarter.
    NSW & ACT, followed by VIC and QLD were states with the highest invoice discounting turnover in the March 2015 quarter.
    Industries with the highest percentage of invoice discounting turnover includes
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    Factoring Finance market continues to grow

    The latest statistics for debtor finance, discounting, and factoring finance in the December 2014 quarter released by the Debtor & Invoice Finance Association (DIFA) was $17.2 billion, which is an increase of 10.7% in comparison to the September 2014 quarter.
    NSW & ACT, followed by VIC, QLD, & WA were states with the highest invoice factoring turnover, in the December 2014 quarter.
    Industries with the highest percentage of
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    Invoice Finance a more flexible alternative for SMEs

    Post the GFC, more and more SMEs are finding it difficult to secure finance due to Banks tightening their credit policies and preferring more asset based lending. The extended waiting period to get access to finance have also prompted some SMEs to seek alternative source of funding like Invoice Finance to provide them with immediate cash flow injection, as they really needed the funds yesterday.

    Below are some key benefits associated with