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  • Factoring Invoices: Get On Top of ATO Obligations

    One of the most difficult aspects of owning a business is managing finance admin, especially ATO Business Activity Statements (BAS) and their obligations. There are consequences if BAS is not submitted on time, and businesses may fall subject to interest penalties.

    Factoring invoices can help businesses meet their obligations with the ATO and pay the next quarterly payment [due on 28-April] on time.

    Key Factors can help businesses get
  • A Brief, But Interesting History Of Factoring

    Factoring is a financial term that refers to a type of financial transaction where a business sells its invoices to a third party called a Factor at a discount for immediate cash. It is especially useful to ensure businesses have adequate immediate cash flow to meet their current obligations. You may now also hear it called invoice finance, invoice discounting, debt factoring, debtor finance, but the origins of factoring can be traced back
  • Cashflow Finance – Fast Business Funding Solution

    Cashflow finance allows you to convert sales invoices into cash without needing to wait for up to 90 days for your clients to pay. Whether you’re wanting to grow your business or just have a more regular easily accessible cashflow to cover overheads, cashflow finance is the answer.
    How does cashflow finance work?

    How much does cashflow finance cost?
    With Key Factors’cash flow finance, we only charge a flat daily fee of
  • Small Business Financing: How Debtor Factoring Can Keep Your Business Afloat

    A popular form of small business financing is debtor factoring – a process that involves using a company’s accounts receivable as collateral in order to fund the business. Through this, cash flow is released from outstanding invoices in as quick as 4 hours from a factoring company like Key Factors. SMEs often turn to debtor factoring as limited cash flow can hold their business back and restrict them from reaching their full
  • Small Business Loans Australia: Benefits of Cashflow Finance

    Steady cash flow is vital for all successful businesses. Have you considered cash flow finance for your small business loans Australia? It is the difference between being able to pay off debts and growing your business, and struggling to keep things running efficiently enough to keep your business alive.

    At Key Factors, we know how challenging it can be to run your business smoothly and manage your accounts receivable – that’s why we’re
  • Invoice Financing Australia: The Flexible Funding Alternative

    Invoice financing has become an increasingly popular solution as a flexible funding alternative for businesses. Invoice financing Australia allows a third party like Key Factors to purchase the accounts receivables of a business at discounted rate and provide immediate access to cash.
    How Can Invoice Financing Australia Benefit Businesses?
    Invest resources in growing your business
    Invoice financing Australia unlocks cash from unpaid sales
  • 8 Tips on How To Increase Cash Flow in your Business

    Regardless of the size or type of business, having problems with cash flow is a major concern. Even if a business is currently profitable or showing strong projected growth, if expenses are not covered, the growth may be stunted long-term.

    Want to improve your working capital? Here’s how to increase cash flow in your business in eight different ways.
    1. Come up with a cash goal and supplement it with a cash flow projection
  • How to Grow your Business with Invoice Factoring

    So you have won a huge opportunity to grow your business with a new client, you are incredibly excited but wait! Where will you get the cash-flow to pay your suppliers and staff?
    Invoice factoring is vital to help grow your business as it has many benefits to make business deals less stressful on you, your business partners and on your bank account. Invoice factoring is easier than getting a business loan from a bank and can also give you