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Selective Invoice Financing

Invoice financing comes in different shapes and forms to match the needs and preferences of different businesses. When shopping around for invoice financing solutions, you will find that different types are available, and what you choose boils down to your current financial needs.

Selective invoice financing is one of the invoice financing methods often preferred by businesses and the most widely used at Key Factors for the many benefits it offers. Services we offer include invoice factoring, debtor finance, invoice discounting, invoice financing, selective invoice financing, debt factoring and more!

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Average monthly accounts receivable


Funds in 4 hours

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Up to 80% of invoice value

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$ 700

1.4% for the first 14 days & 0.1% per day thereafter for up to 90 days

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Benefits of Invoice Finance

Additional cash flow for business growth

Bridge the gap of slow payments

Working capital for start up companies

Meet operating expenses

Get on top of ATO obligations

Pay wages on time

What is Selective Invoice Finance?

Selective invoice financing is a highly flexible line of credit that allows businesses of all sizes to access capital when needed. This line of credit is quite different to other forms of invoice financing because it doesn’t have an agreement for the entire sales ledger. Instead, businesses get to choose the invoices they would like to have advanced. This gives the business the flexibility to adjust its cash flow position by selling single invoices or selecting a few invoices at a time, depending on its business needs.

This type of invoice financing appeals to many businesses because it gives the business the power to choose the invoices they want to finance while cutting costs in terms of the fees.

We work with businesses across various industries, including;

  • Transport and Logistics companies
  • Consultants
  • Recruitment & Labour Hire
  • Manufacturing and wholesale
  • Information technology and business services
  • Earthmoving and mining
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How Does Selective Invoice Finance Work?

Selective invoice financing works rather simply. The exact details of how the process works might differ slightly depending on the factoring company you choose to work with. But generally follows the same blueprint, which involves the following steps.

Make a sale

The process must begin with the business making a sale or providing a service to its customers as it normally would and providing them with an invoice to facilitate payment. It is this unpaid invoice that the business can leverage to get funding. After sending the customer the invoice, the business also sends a copy of the invoice to the factoring company.

Invoice assessment

The factoring company will assess the business and the customer and then assess the invoices selected to be funded. Businesses with long operating histories and customers with good credit histories are more likely to be considered. However, this financing method has also been found to be lenient to new, small and medium-sized businesses.


Once the invoice is validated, the lender will fund up to 80% of the value of the invoice. With Key Factors, the funds are sent to your account in less than four hours, making this an excellent option for companies that need a quick cash injection.


Once your customer pays us the invoice in full, we send you the 20% to your account minus our fees. It’s a quick, simple and efficient process businesses can use to access financing.

What are the Costs Associated with Selective Invoice Finance?

The charges you incur to access this line of credit also depend on your chosen factoring company. Some companies might have additional and hidden fees, while others are straightforward and transparent with their financing model.

  • The service fee – This is the fee charged on the turnover of the borrower. Companies with service fees will often charge the business even when they do not borrow funds. The service fee is often carried as a monthly minimum charge. When looking for a factoring company, you should consider using companies that have a “no use, no pay” policy to avoid the service charge.
  • Discount rate – Also called the interest rate or on-the-money charge. It works like an interest rate and is charged only on outstanding balances.
  • Additional fees – These are fees for setting up, fees for bank transfers and refactoring fees, which are chargeable if the invoice needs to be reassigned to the borrower.

Understanding the costs associated with selective invoice financing is crucial in ensuring the business gets the best deal and maximises the benefits of the service.

Selective Invoice Finance Advantages


The greatest benefit that selective invoice financing has to offer is its flexibility. Businesses use this approach to retain a high degree of control over the invoicing process. You can choose which invoices you want to finance and the ones you want to keep in-house.

Receive funds upfront

Using selective invoice financing, businesses don’t have to wait for customers to pay the invoice. They can get up to 80% of the value of the invoice upfront under the arrangement. This allows the company to quickly unlock money tied up in invoices to facilitate operations and supply instead of going to get a loan.

No lengthy contract

Selective invoice financing saves the company from getting into lengthy contracts that can get expensive over time, especially when the company has to pay monthly service fees. With selective invoice financing, the company chooses the invoices they want financing and only pays fees for those instead of monthly fees.

It’s cost-effective

With selective invoice financing, the business incurs fees only on the invoices they finance. There is no long-term arrangement, so the business doesn’t have to worry about paying monthly service fees or paying for invoices it doesn’t want to finance.

It’s perfect for seasonal businesses

If your business is seasonal in nature, you can use selective invoicing to release cash when you need it most when your business is in high season. This line of credit can allow you to keep up with increased demand in high season, and it might turn out to be cheaper than conventional invoice finance.  

Why are we the Leading Selective Invoice Finance in Australia?

The only way a business can unlock the benefits of selective invoice financing is by partnering with a trustworthy and reputable factoring company that puts the business’s financial needs first. That is what Key Factors is about. As Australia’s leading, independent, privately owned factoring company, we’ve dedicated many years to helping businesses find affordable and unique funding options away from traditional bank loans and overdrafts.

We are considered the leading selective invoice financiers in Australia because;

Established and experienced

Key Factors was established in 1989. We have over 30 years of experience providing alternative, flexible cash flow solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. We believe in simplicity, flexibility and transparency as our driving forces and have built long-term relationships that have helped many businesses grow with our financial solutions.

With a long stay in the factoring industry, we’ve come to be recognised as a reputable and experienced financial partner for all businesses in the country.

No hidden fees

We are upfront about the fees associated with our selective invoice financing service. We aim to provide all our clients with as much information as possible on our invoice financing services to allow them to make informed decisions on how they would like to proceed. You can contact us to learn more about our selective invoice financing and its associated fees. We will provide you with a comprehensive quote during the enquiry.

Only pay as you use

In addition to not having hidden fees, at Key Factors, you only pay for the services you use. We don’t have any monthly service fees. Just a percentage fee that only applies to the invoices you want to finance. This allows businesses to have full control over their finances and cut costs by only paying for the service when they use it.

No lock-in contracts

Although we believe in fostering long-term relationships with the companies we work with, we prefer it when you come back to us because of the obvious benefits we offer and not because you’re tied to a contract. We don’t require businesses to sign lock-in contracts, which often come with additional costs. Once approved, you can choose the invoices you want to finance and when you want to finance them with no questions asked.

No property security

Unlike bank loans, you don’t need to put up any collateral as security for selective invoice financing from Key Factors. You keep all your assets ready to take advantage of any opportunities that might spur growth for your business.

Invoice Financing FAQs

What is Invoice Finance?
Invoice finance is a great flexible funding alternative to help your business improve cash flow. By factoring your invoices with an invoice finance company you can convert your sales invoices into cash. Key Factors’ invoice finance gives you the freedom to factor as many or as little invoices as you like, with no lock-in contracts or quarterly audits. Funding can occur in as quick as 4 hours and you will only pay for what you’ve used.
How much does Invoice Finance cost?
Key Factors invoice finance service costs 1.4% for the first 14 days & 0.1% per day thereafter for up to 90 days. Get an instant quote or call us on 1300 884 100 to find out more.
How much do I get?
We provide you with up to 80% of the invoice value upfront, less the 1.4% fee for the first 14 days. Once your client pays us the full value of the invoice, we will send you the remaining 20% less any accrued fees.
How fast can I get approval for selective invoice finance?
We will provide you with a response within 24-48 hours of receiving your application.
Will I deal with the same person from start to finish?
We are keen on building lasting relationships. One of the ways we achieve that is by ensuring our customers have one contact person from the beginning to the end.

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