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How To Manage Rapid Growth

February 9, 2017

A sudden growth spurt of your business is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to be prepared, particularly if your business is experiencing rapid growth. You’ll need to reshuffle a lot of things around to succeed, from people’s roles to potentially all of your processes. Read on to find out the three areas you’ll need to assess in order to successfully ride the growing wave of your business. Processes And Systems During a time of rapid growth, your existing systems and processes simply don’t cut the mustard. Chances are they just weren’t designed to cope with high levels of activity. You need to come up with a new order that will... Read more

Factoring vs. FinTech Factoring

October 26, 2016


As technology evolve so does the world of finance. Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, relies on software to provide financial services. Factoring, one of the world’s oldest method of finance is also going online with lots of new FinTech factoring companies entering the market. Businesses looking for ways to raise working capital can find it quite daunting navigating through this new market. By understanding the difference between a traditional factoring company and a FinTech factoring company, you will be able to make a more informed choice. FinTech factoring company FinTech Factoring is the new kid on the block and has also been called ‘peer to peer funding’ or even... Read more

Invoice Financing – A Flexible Alternative

September 13, 2016

Problem: Competition & Growth Solution:  Key Factors Invoice Financing Annual Turnover:  $5,000,000 Facility Limit: $800,000 ABC Pty Ltd was a privately owned surveyor operating Australia wide for the past 15 years. With its longevity within the industry it had built a formidable presence competing with some of the largest surveyors in the civil sector. Unfortunately, like a lot of privately owned SME’s, they struggled with lengthy trading terms offered by their much larger principal contractors. Combined with the organic growth of the business and perennial pipeline of work, they found it difficult to contend with larger competitors. Unwilling to compromise on their quality of work, and reluctant to forego the growth... Read more

5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Cash Flow

August 23, 2016

cash flow finance, cash flow management,

Cash flow management is critical for small and medium businesses. It’s the lifeblood of your company, it keeps business ticking over, and it needs to be managed carefully. Cash flow problems generally come down to one thing – cash coming in too slowly, and going out too quickly! Encouraging customers to pay quickly, while delaying outlays of cash, will provide a more constant cash flow. But as we know is not always that easy to achieve. There are several ways to do this, and it’s important to get it right from the start. 1. Plan your cash flow – ins and outs It’s impossible to project your cash flow exactly... Read more

Enjoy a stress free EOFY

July 28, 2016

At Key Factors, we understand the EOFY can be a stressful and busy time for any business. It is all about making sure you’re on top of your financial responsibilities while meeting legal requirements. If cash flow is tight, or your working capital needs a boost, Key Factors invoice factoring facility can help by advancing cash against your receivables. Small businesses tend to take on a lot for themselves, from administration, to marketing and bookkeeping, so don’t let the EOFY creep up on you, be aware of time-frames and set reminders. In order to run a successful business, not only should you be ahead of the EOFY, but think of... Read more

A factoring solution to please everyone

May 24, 2016

We understand that every business is different, big or small, public or private, local or national, and we’ve helped all kinds reach their goals with flexible finance solutions. Some were looking for a permanent fixture to help with day-to-day business, others simply needed an extra hand while they went through a growth spurt, while many use us as and when they need us, at no extra charge. At Key Factors, we have numerous options to suit your business, whatever your setup and whatever you want to achieve. We’re ready when you need us We know that business growth opportunities or cash-flow problems can arise unexpectedly and businesses often don’t have... Read more

How Debtor Factoring can help your business

March 15, 2016

At Key Factors, we think the most important question is not what factoring is, but how factoring can benefit your business. Often, the problem small businesses have is that if the business is surviving, the mindset is that there is no need to change, but what if instead of surviving, your business could be thriving? Factoring could be the missing key to offer you the steady cash flow you need to grow your enterprise. Don’t let slow cash flow hold back your business A large element to a successful business is keeping up with competitors, and making payments on time – you don’t want your cash flow to be the... Read more

A factoring solution whatever your situation

January 28, 2016

Although small business makes up a vital part of the economy, even the most successful Small and Medium Enterprises can struggle to be approved for the loans they require to thrive and succeed. Factoring offers financial flexibility for all Whether you’re an experienced lender or it’s your first time looking into financial help, factoring could be the answer for your business. Half of the battle for a growing business is their ability to keep up with demands without consistent cash flow. Factoring provides exactly that, it allows you to release cash tied up in unpaid invoices. Therefore, you are only accessing money that is owed to you. There is also... Read more


What our customers are saying

  • Running a cleaning business and being very hands on, I don’t keep normal business hours. But with Key Factors I find I can always get a quick reply and they seem to always be there.

    • No call centres
    • No voice mail
    • No need to constantly explain myself to a new employee or account manager

    I always get an answer from those that answer the phones.

  • Having Key Factors operating in the centre of Perth WA allows us to forward invoices any time before 2pm, knowing that they will be processed that day.

  • Our growth combined with Key Factors’ Flexible $2.2M Cash Flow Facility, was the perfect partnership to see us through an exciting phase of our business. The arrangement requires no long-term contracts, no need for director’s homes to be used as security, and we could pick & choose what invoices we wanted to release cash flow from.


Latest News

Latest News

How To Manage Rapid Growth

A sudden growth spurt of your business is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to... Read more

Factoring vs. FinTech Factoring

As technology evolve so does the world of finance. Financial Technology, also known as FinTech,... Read more

Invoice Financing – A Flexible Alternative

Problem: Competition & Growth Solution:  Key Factors Invoice Financing Annual Turnover:  $5,000,000 Facility Limit: $800,000... Read more

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How does it work?

  • Invoice your clients for goods and services
  • Send a copy of your invoices to Key Factors
  • 80% of the invoice face value is made available to you within 24 hours, less a discount rate
  • The remaining 20% is provided when your customer pays, less any accrued charges
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How much does it cost?

We only charge a discount rate on what you use. There are no ongoing monthly charges or annual charges.

Do I need to factor all my invoices?

No, Key Factors flexibility means you are not required to submit all your invoices for funding.

What invoices can be considered for funding?

Invoices relating to business-to-business transactions can be considered, not consumer receivables. Invoices which are still within normal trading terms not... More info

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