SMEs using Financing Factoring to Finance Growth

By Jasmina Mujkic - Jul 01 2014

With Banks tightening their credit policies and relying on hard assets, preferably real estate, Small and Medium Enterprises and businesses alike are finding it hard to finance their business, and in particular growth. At Key Factors we recognised that not all growing companies would have the property portfolio to match. We don’t rely on the director’s home but on the strength of their debtors.

Improve business cash flow with financing factoring

We have helped many SMEs, that would otherwise struggle to find funding, by releasing up to 80% on the value of their invoices in as quick as 24 hours by finance factoring their unpaid invoices. This allows companies to get on with business, get on top of their commitments and most importantly grow.

How financing factoring works?

  1. You invoice your customers for goods or services.
  2. You send a copy of your invoice to a factor (like Key Factors).
  3. The factor then gives you up to 80% of the value of the invoice.
  4. The remaining 20% of the invoice is credited to you as soon as the customer pays, less any accrued fees.

Flexible business funding option

Using personal real estate is dependent on fluctuation in property prices and the amount of available equity, making it hard to secure additional funding in times of need. Post GFC years, many properties also lost value. With Key Factors financing factoring if you have a $1 million in receivables, you can raise up to $800,000 and if your business grows and subsequently have $2 million in receivables, you can raise up to $1.6 million.

The benefits of financing factoring with Key Factors is the cash you can access is directly proportionate to your sales, which means the more sales made, the more cash you can get.

Contact us at Key Factors, on 1300 884 100 and a local state manager will be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote to suit your requirements today.


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