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Invoice Debtor FinanceInvoice debtor finance is great for companies producing invoices and have commercial clients on accounts.  Invoice debtor finance allows these businesses to maintain a constant cash flow despite payment delays.

At Key Factors we believe all companies can use invoice debtor finance to improve their cash flow, although some businesses may benefit more than others. These businesses relies on invoice debtor finance to service growth, and meet their operational expenses.

Businesses suitable for invoice debtor finance


Businesses with limited trading history may find it hard attain finance due to their limited trading history. If you are a start-up business with a high level of outstanding receivables and a large client base, Key Factors factoring finance may be the best solution to improve your working capital.


Like start-ups, SMEs may find it hard to gain sufficient finance support. Restrictive lending at times requires real estate security, or strong trading results. At Key Factors we assess the strength of your receivables, where the cash you access is directly proportionate to your sales.

Companies with high receivables

Cash tied up in unpaid invoices can restrict a business from further growth or getting on top of operating expenses. By factoring your invoices you can get up to 80% on the face value of your invoices, in as quick as 24 hours. This allows your business to maintain a more constant cash flow.

Companies with slow payments

Slow payments can put a halt on business operations and further expansion. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid, factor your invoices today and release the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices, whenever you need it.

How does invoice debtor finance work?

  1. You invoice your customers for goods or services and send Key Factors a copy.
  2. The factor then gives you up to 80% of the value of the invoice.
  3. The remaining 20% of the invoice is credited to you as soon as the customer pays, less any accrued fees.

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Key FactorsOur Experience – With over 30 years experience you are in good hands.

We help businesses improve cash flow – By unlocking the cash tied up in your account receivables.

Independently Owned Australian Company – Partner with one of the largest privately owned factoring companies in Australia.

Simple & Flexible Cash Flow Alternative – Improving your cash flow is as simple as sending copies of your sale invoices to Key Factors, and up to 80% is made available in as quick as 24 hours.

No Long-Term Contracts or On-going Admin Charges – There is no locked-in contracts, no monthly admin charges or annual charges.

No Property Security Required – We rely on the strength of your company’s ledger and not real estate security.

Fast Approval – Receive a response within 48 hours and get immediate cash flow from your invoices.

Key Factors flexible cash flow solutions gives you immediate cash flow from your invoices for sale of goods or services, while we wait for your clients to pay within normal trading terms. This is particular useful in the cases below:

  • Your customers are slow in paying or pays outside their terms
  • You might want to take advantage of time-sensitive sale
  • Your expanding and requires additional working capital to service demands
  • When the business doesn’t have enough funds in the mean time to meet operating expenses
  • Don’t wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get your invoices paid.

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