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Invoice Financing – A Flexible Alternative

September 13, 2016

  • Problem: Competition & Growth
  • Solution:  Key Factors Invoice Financing
  • Annual Turnover:  $5,000,000
  • Facility Limit: $800,000

ABC Pty Ltd was a privately owned surveyor operating Australia wide for the past 15 years. With its longevity within the industry it had built a formidable presence competing with some of the largest surveyors in the civil sector. Unfortunately, like a lot of privately owned SME’s, they struggled with lengthy trading terms offered by their much larger principal contractors. Combined with the organic growth of the business and perennial pipeline of work, they found it difficult to contend with larger competitors.

Unwilling to compromise on their quality of work, and reluctant to forego the growth they were experiencing, ABC Pty Ltd engaged Key Factors. We implemented an invoice financing facility tailored to their expanding revenue stream. The facility releases the cash tied up in their unpaid invoices, allowing them to pursue new contracts while knowing the availability of funds can increase as their turnover grew. Also, unlike traditional restrictive business funding offered by banks, Key Factors invoice finance service does not rely on bricks and mortar security but more so on the quality of our clients’ debtors.

Having partnered with Key Factors for 12 months, the business was acquired by a global company who saw the invaluable foot print they had on the domestic market. Key Factors was able to work swiftly to extinguish the facility without penalties or lengthy cancelation periods. So if you are after an alternative funding solution, Key Factors invoice financing service might just be the answer. Our flexible invoice financing facilities have no long-term contracts, no early exit penalties, and no ongoing monthly admin fees.

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*The scenarios above are taken from real client situations. Actual business names and details are withheld for privacy reasons.

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What our customers are saying

  • Having Key Factors operating in the centre of Perth WA allows us to forward invoices any time before 2pm, knowing that they will be processed that day.

    - Flexible Factoring
  • We run a charter business and our business is very seasonal.

    Key Factors smooths out the bumps in cash flow without the need of property security or minimum annual fees paid monthly.

    - Flying High With Cashflow
  • Our business was going through a tough patch and our existing factoring company weren’t going to see us through it. We engaged Key Factors just in time to clear all our ATO debts and sell off some of our non-performing subsidiaries. The decision to move across to Key Factors was vital to ensure the on-going concern of our company.  We also find the flexibility of no long-term contracts & the ability to use our facility on a selective basis quite appealing.

    - Company Secretary, Workforce Management Solutions, Publicly listed company, NSW

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Invoice Financing – A Flexible Alternative

Problem: Competition & Growth Solution:  Key Factors Invoice Financing Annual Turnover:  $5,000,000 Facility Limit: $800,000... Read more

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How does it work?

  • Invoice your clients for goods and services
  • Send a copy of your invoices to Key Factors
  • 80% of the invoice face value is made available to you within 24 hours, less a discount rate
  • The remaining 20% is provided when your customer pays, less any accrued charges
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How much does it cost?

We only charge a discount rate on what you use. There are no ongoing monthly charges or annual charges.

Do I need to factor all my invoices?

No, Key Factors flexibility means you are not required to submit all your invoices for funding.

What invoices can be considered for funding?

Invoices relating to business-to-business transactions can be considered, not consumer receivables. Invoices which are still within normal trading terms not... More info

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